Welcome to Siltex suspended platform and rigging systems.
In the world of safety, we take no chances.

If you need to access a difficult place i.e. to ascend or descend for inspection, maintenance or to work on you can always ask for Siltex professional help.

We specialize in creating tailor-made solutions, no matter how challenging. After pre-planning, we find comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of the user. If we do not have the required modules already, we can design and manufacture them to the customer’s requirements. We provide special rigging and platform solutions mainly for sale to the customer.

We deliver comprehensive ready to use solutions– on a turnkey basis.
- power plant boilers
- hydroelectric power plants
- pressure vessels
- a variety of tanks and containers
- shafts
- chimneys

Rental equipment - pre-installed, inspected and ready to use.

It may not always be worth investing in a platform, hoisting equipment and rigging system, so Siltex provides rental solutions for temporary needs and if possible, tailor-made to suit your requirements.